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St. Gimp is an idea, not a person. I picture him as anyone who has been hurt, or even crippled,

  • by life

  • by the church

  • by suffering

  • by loss

  • by their own sin and failures

  • by the silence of God

and yet, keeps on clinging to God. Or trying to. 

This blog is not for those who are "living the victorious Christian Life" or celebrating their "best life now". It's for those who know this life sucks sometimes, yet its very suckiness makes them long to make sense of it all.

St. Gimp could be Jacob, who wrestled with God and was broken by God. Yet still clung to his ankles.

St. Gimp could be Van Gogh, struggling with profound mental illness, yet still trying to capture the beauty of this life.

St. Gimp can be anyone who is still trying to walk, even if every step hurts some mornings.

Or St. Gimp could be those who are confused by God, annoyed at the church, disillusioned by Christian leaders...and yet still want to believe.

This place is for you.

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